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Company Overview

KM Technologies operates as the technologies division of KM Facilities Management Group Plc. Our products and services assist companies and organisations of all types, whatever their size or industry, take control and manage:


Ensuring that our clients’ sites, and the people working or visiting them are safe, secure and compliant with the added advantage of making efficient use of their resources resulting in admin, time and cost savings.

Our roots can be traced back to the late ‘90s when we first introduced our own range of straightforward time & attendance software to SME’s across the UK, being the first to link directly with Sage Payroll. Our product portfolio rapidly expanded to include our revolutionary visitor & contractor management systems and enhancement of our time & attendance offering into a range of fully functional workforce management solutions. These varied, but logically connected, solutions we offer as a complete O.M.S (Onsite Management System).

We now provide a complete “end to end” service to clients across the UK and Middle East, with expansion planned into mainland Europe and globally over the coming years. To support this and offer our clients an excellent level of service our founders introduced the technologies and products into the group and KM Technologies became its own entity from 2016.

We actively work with some of the leading access control & technology manufacturers across the globe, making it possible for us to integrate with virtually any third party system ensuring that the client always gets the best possible solution. We also have an active R&D strategy and ensure that we only work with the most reliable partners or products available on the market. We are always looking ahead as to how we can incorporate the latest cutting edge and future technologies and as such we work on the ethos that “there are never any problems, just solutions waiting to be found”.

Using the expertise we have within the group we offer a complete service 24/7, 365 days a year.

KM FM Technologies Ltd is an associate member of the KM Facilities Management Group Plc