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It’s already that time again – to talk about all of the wonderful and exciting technology trends next year has in store. It may feel too soon – hasn’t 2017 flown by – but much has happened, especially in the tech sector.

We know, it seems like there are always technological advancements and fancy new devices that businesses should be embracing, so what makes this set special? The fact that these 2018 technology trends are benefiting businesses in all kinds of different ways.

They’re saving you money and improving security like never before, as well as aiding your marketing, revolutionising company communication and making almost everything easier!

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is one of many technology trends that have seen encouraging developments this year. It is now becoming a cheaper and totally realistic security option for businesses. Facial recognition software takes your security measures to new depths while making access control easier for you and your employees. Your staff no longer need to carry a card or keys but simply themselves in order to gain the access they need. You will save money as less keys and cards are lost, thus you need replace less. Furthermore, fewer people will be able to use lost cards to gain unauthorised access that could put your business at risk.

KMFM Technologies are a forward thinking company, so we are combining facial recognition and CCTV for everyday, industry use. With our cameras, you can identify people as they approach. This not only helps with access control, but also gives your employees warning of any expected or unexpected visitors. Ultimately, facial recognition will streamline the access control process and diminish security risks.

360° Cameras

You may be thinking: “How on earth will a 360° camera help my business? Surely this is one of those technology trends that’s just that – a trend?”. No. 360° cameras are here to stay, they enable you to create mesmerising and immersive content to share with your fans. They’re useful for any business marketing online, but especially those with social media channels; for social media is taking a more and more prominent role within marketing and the addition of stories to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have given birth to a whole new breed of marketing content – and let’s not forget about the unique position held by YouTube, the entirely video-based platform.

360° videos tend to gain a lot of attention, helping businesses receive increased exposure through shares because they’re different from what we’ve seen before. They totally immerse the viewer and allow them to interact with the situation shown. As Elizabeth Woyke from the Technology Review points out: visitors can do more than just watch the feed; they can use their mouse cursor (on a computer) or finger (on a smartphone or tablet) to pan around the image in a circle or scroll up. . . and down to see the ground’. These cameras can also be used for online ads and featured on websites because, wherever they’re shown, they catch the eyes of the viewer and enable businesses to showcase themselves in new ways.

Voice Recognition

Voice control is fast becoming one of the most popular, and one of the most convenient ways in which we carry out tasks. Products such as Alexa have influenced a variety of other smart devices and encouraged us to embrace voice control and voice search. Apple, Google and the other tech giants are evolving phones, computers, lights and cars by incorporating voice recognition.

Voice recognition is useful for people in their homes, so it’s definitely useful for busy people multitasking at work. It’s also great for those with more physical jobs as it’s entirely hands free.  

IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things is the driving force behind a lot of emerging smart technology trends, including voice recognition. Basically, the IoT enables us to connect all of these different kinds of technologies to each other and to the internet – you can control the lights across your site using a tablet, even if you’re not in the office. The IoT is particularly useful for businesses operating in large buildings or across huge sites because it connects everything together. For example, you can monitor, manage and control energy usage across a large site using one tablet; this can save you a lot of money over time.

It also helps businesses find out more about their customers by using the data collected from the customer’s connected devices. Companies can then use this information to provide customers with a better, more tailored service.  

Connective every device to one big network isn’t scary. Instead, it allows businesses to communicate and function more cohesively than ever before. Mundane tasks take up less time which means that businesses can focus on more important duties.


Drones are often fitted with cameras and can physically reach places that are either unsafe or difficult to access. They make it cheaper and safer for those working in industries such as construction and development, as they enable workers to evaluate safety risks, while remaining entirely safe themselves. They can also carry out site inspections, site planning and more.

Camera-fitted drones are useful for any business operating across large sites or that requires intensive security measures.They can greatly improve on-site security by ensuring you can always see any area at any time.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of sci-fi films, nor is it limited to gaming. VR technology is seeing fantastic improvements that mean it will be more readily accessible to all kinds of businesses. Essentially, with virtual reality we can experience buildings, offices, events and sites before we construct them. VR headsets from companies such as Cadsoft can reveal costly errors before they’re made.  

Architects, builders, construction workers, engineers, city planners and similar will all reap the benefits of virtual reality. Businesses that hold a lot of events will also find VR technology useful as they can plan much more accurately.

A Business Technology Revolution

Businesses need to stop seeing technology as unnecessary or frightening. These technology trends couldn’t have made it any clearer; future is here and we need to embrace it!