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Technology works to make lives easier. Incorporating technology into the daily running of your business will increase its overall efficiency and yet, many small business owners are often apprehensive of adopting new technologies because they do not know the exact ways in which certain technologies will benefit their businesses.  There are many different systems out there with varying advantages. Products such as Access Control, Visitor & Contract Management and Workforce Management, improve security, safety and employee morale. They also save time and money. In order to truly benefit your business and use your money effectively, you need to know the specific ways in which these technologies bring about these advantages.

Access Control

Access Control protects businesses by improving safety and security, as well as cutting down the time necessary for certain daily tasks. The varying degrees of security means that it is particularly useful for those businesses in hazardous industries or those that deal with confidential matters and highly valuable products. The construction, science, technology, security, health and safety industries are among those in which Access Control is somewhat essential. Access Control encompasses all forms of business security, from physical guards and keys to CCTV and door entry systems. The combination of technology and security helps businesses by not only protecting products, employees and visitors, but also by streamlining security processes. People only have access to the areas that they should and their location is logged every time they enter a department. This kind of vigilance prevents crime and improves safety conditions. In the case of an emergency, it is easy to find out the location of employees and visitors. Access Control makes day-to-day processes quicker; gaining access, finding people and identifying breaches are no longer time-consuming tasks, but are happenings effortlessly managed by accommodating systems. Access Control is a clear example of how technology helps businesses as it eliminates problems and manages tasks for you. Security and safety are vastly improved and once time-consuming processes fit seamlessly into a convenient system.

Visitor and Contract Management

Companies with a lot of footfall benefit the most from Visitor and Contractor Management. Similarly to Access Control, these systems effortlessly improve security and safety. They log the comings and goings of those people visiting your business, a capability which would obviously be incredibly helpful during an emergency. Visitor and Contract management systems differ from Access Control, in the way that they directly alleviate the pressure on the administration department. They have the capacity to prepare you for visitors and completely reduce the administrative burden. Visitors can use computer systems which verify identity, logging times and attendance. These systems save you money by saving your employees time. Your employees can use their time carrying out other tasks, rather than having to man the reception all day. The implementation of a greeting system conveys professionalism by not only preparing your staff, but showcasing the efficiency of your business and the valuable tools to which it has access.  It also improves security by recording the times when visitors are onsite. With Visitor and Contactor Management, businesses cut costs and protect themselves.

Workforce Management

Shift work can be difficult to manage, particularly within companies that have a lot of employees. Workforce management streamlines the logging of hours, the booking of holidays, absences, overtime and more, ultimately improving the communication between employees and employer. Similarly to Visitor & Contract Management and Access Control, Workforce Management technology saves time and makes business more efficient. The technology reduces the need for human resources on menial tasks. Your business will require less administrative staff and your employees can use their time (and your money) more effectively. The main advantage of workforce management technology is its accuracy. It protects your business and employees by providing easily obtainable proof of hours worked, etc. The relationship between business and employees is transparent and communicative, with information being readily available. Furthermore, with workforce management technology, businesses can provide their employees with more flexible shifts to suit their lifestyle. This improves the relationship between employees and company, ultimately ameliorating employee commitment and efficiency.

Many businesses do not like to admit that certain technologies can carry out tasks more efficiently than staff, or that certain levels of security are needed. It may also seem strange that technology can improve the relationship between an employer and their workers, but the truth is, all three of these technologies have their own advantages and together, they can reduce doubt, improve security and take pressure off of your employees.