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“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation” – Bob Iger



The Office Is Changing…

The latest innovations in tech, particularly for the office, show a step towards the futuristic and modern. The flashy new aspects of equipment revisit the whole concept and set up of the office meeting with new ways of communicating, proving that technology in business does have its place. It provides a real opportunity to boost productivity and employee morale.


Microsoft’s surface hub 2


 Photo Credit: Microsoft


What is it?

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 is one of the latest revelations in modernising the way we communicate in the office. A small preview video was released to showcase the design and inform people of its future release. The original Surface Hub proved a hit among many businesses and featured an array of special features, some notable factors being the screen size and the ability to carry out conference meetings via skype whilst using interactive features at the same time, i.e. writing notes on the screen to allow engagement.


The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is similar in terms of style, however there are of course updated and new innovative elements that aim to enhance the workplace even more. From the Microsoft website, the Hub 2 “brings together the best of Microsoft collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams – all backed by the intelligent cloud”. So how is it engaging exactly? Well you may be wondering why there is so much hype around this product, and it is clear to see why. Progression, teamwork and interactivity are seamlessly linked within this product; it is allowing employees to gain insight into each other’s ideas and to “streamline workflow”. When we think about offices, they rarely contain any form of brilliant technology asides from the obvious computers. With demands from clients and changing ideas and expectations, surely updated technology is something that is worth investment? Especially going forwards as a business. The benefits of technology for business are endless and are too often overlooked. The Hub is highly versatile and made so that it can fit into different sized spaces. Even featuring wheels (if needed) and a wall mount so you can easily take it with you on the go. This seamless mobility will change employee communication and allow for great creativity and more efficient collaboration.


Google’s Robot Assistant


Photo Credit: Google


What is it?

This advanced technology can make phone calls on your behalf. This would be particularly useful for a busy worker trying to do a million things at once. The Google Robot Assistant acts as your extra pair of hands – it can even schedule appointments for you.


The robot uses a natural speech pattern, this means that it can mimic and use phrases to enhance its interactivity. Its main features include: making calls, scheduling your appointments and also notifying you about them. It is cleverly able to successfully interpret and read the data from the calendar and recognise what days or times you’re unable to do. The aim for this technology seems to be providing the service for small businesses that do not seem to already have a booking system. It’s universally known that, within the workplace, time is always a factor – and that there is never enough! This handy tool will make you a lot more efficient by adapting to your unique business needs.


Interactive Offices Featuring Animals


Image credit: Tomooki Kengaku / Nacasa & Partners



What is it?

Interactivity boosts productivity and progression. DMM.com, a video and game streaming platform based in Tokyo, have taken this idea to Teamlab who created an interactive experience within the office.This has taken office space to a whole new level and it looks amazing!


The interaction allows for employees to relax and collaborate successfully as a team. The design includes virtual waterfalls, green plants, digital tree trunks with vibrant patterns and a variety of digital animals. The design monitors and senses your movements; the animals walk you to your meeting rooms, guiding you along the way. How amazing does this all sound? Imagine walking into a room and being surrounded by colours, patterns and a tranquil environment – it would make a massive difference from the ordinary office workplace. New and innovative ideas within the workplace re-engage people who may be losing interest in their work – and a renewed interest does wonders to boost efficiency and creativity.



Is Technology A Necessity For Progression And Development In The Workplace?


Well, there remains the debate on whether innovative technology is travelling too far into the realms of the future, however not every business will be able to afford these flash updates right now. Hence, our technological enlightenment will not be all of a sudden but an ongoing progression pulling businesses forward one by one. In terms of contributing to an interactive workspace, the way we communicate is an idea that is regularly being revised. Teamwork and collaboration provide good results, and having a tool that gives us options on how to do this benefits everybody. Equally, the modern workstation promotes productivity and tech upgrades that contribute to progression and efficiency – timeless improvements which ensure the workplace is evolving alongside its industry and clientele. Convenience is key and we offer solutions for various office needs, including managing time and attendance. This allows you to monitor and structure your business and provides an easy solution.