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A Time Attendance Management System is a Simple Solution

Every business has employees, but not every employee works 9-5. Flexible working is becoming more and more popular among businesses, while shift workers already make up a large proportion of the UK working population. In fact in 2016, Britain’s army of night-workers accounted for one in eight (12%) employees and is seeing steady increases. Businesses need to adapt to this growing popularity by incorporating time attendance management systems that are themselves flexible and can accurately record employee attendance data.

The Benefits

Improves Workplace Safety

A time and attendance management system is great for employers who want to improve office safety and security. Employees can clock in using a variety of reader technologies, such as fingerprint or iris scanners, smartcards or more.

This means that employers can know for certain who is on-site and when they clocked-in. All the information you need is readily available, a benefit which makes assessing crisis situations or recording incidents much easier.

Saves Time

Clocking in becomes a simple and smooth process for employees. There’s no fiddling about with pens or writing down names, a simple swipe of a card or fingerprint scan and it’s done.

It also saves time for management because all of the data is already recorded on an easy-to-use system and collected across departments. This means there’s no need to sift through clock-in cards and add up hours manually; it’s all done for you.

Greater Accuracy

With a highly secure time attendance management system, i.e. one which incorporates biometrics, no one can clock-in as an employee except that unique employee. This means employee attendance records are much more accurate, i.e. if a staff member is running late or tries to leave without clocking-out. They’re flexible systems which account for a variety of shift structures and break patterns, all without compromising their ability to accurately record data.

Better Communication Between Buildings and Sites

Multi-department and multi-site capabilities allow for clear communication within large companies. Better communication makes it easier to deal with an on-site crisis or safety issue. It also paves the way for improved reporting and departmental assessment practices as information across the entire business is neatly gathered and viewable in multiple ways.

Saves Money In The Long Term

The incorporation of biometric technology into time attendance management systems may sound expensive – and it can be – but it saves money for businesses in the long term because it reduces the number of keys and cards lost by employees.

Automatic Absence Rules and Holiday Entitlements

A time attendance management system makes it much easier for employers to avoid making absency mistakes and to keep track of holiday entitlements. There’s no need to comb through online computer systems or paperwork; it’s all calculated automatically.

Easier Overtime Calculations

Working out overtime can be a real pain for the payroll department, but a time attendance management system does it all for you. Overtime allowances and overtime pay is all incorporated into the system so, when an employee clocks-in for some overtime – it’s automatically recorded and worked out for you. This saves a tremendous amount of time for those lucky people in charge of payroll, which means they can dedicate their time carrying out other tasks.

About Our Time Attendance Management Systems

KMFM Technologies offer a variety of business tech solutions. We specialise in providing time attendance management systems for companies both large and small. Our systems incorporate all reader technologies, have HR functionality, are incredibly accurate and record tremendous amounts of data in real time. Contact us now to speak with a business technology consultant.