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Visitor and Contractor Management

Our advanced Visitor and Contractor registration and management system provides:

  • A simple easy to use way of managing visitors and contractors, providing dynamic and fast ID badge printing
  • Ensuring a full auditable record of all attendances is stored at all times
  • Real Time fire and emergency mustering of ALL personnel, whether they be staff, visitors, contractors or agency workers
  • Improves the implementation of your health, safety and security policies
  • A friendly, organised and professional welcome to your premises
  • Reduces your reception administrative burden, saving valuable time for your staff and reducing costs
  • Quick and easy registration of visitors and contractors using touchscreen technology and QR barcode readers
  • Pre-booking of all visitors and contractors by all staff
  • Email visitor invites and notification of visitor arrival
  • Pre checking of CSCS, DBS & Permit to Works
  • Induction module for all site inductions
  • New Contractor Pre-Book Q&A that sends a link to a contractor to answer the questions, which are verified by the site manager where he/she can approve the Pre-Book for the contractor
  • Automatic link to the fire alarm for instant production of a fire roll call / muster report when activated
  • Replaces cumbersome manual visitor books



Health and Safety inductions, systems and processes

The Induction module integrates directly with our Visitor and Contractor management system and enables an organisation to run site inductions from a mobile device or PC to ensure that the contractor is suitably aware of any health and safety requirements, site specific risks and any steps that they need to take to ensure the safety of both themselves and those around them while they visit or work at the site.

The system can store the relevant safety process documentation such as permit to work, Risk Assessments and Method Statements and notify a user when a contractor may need a refresher induction on the site.


Fire and Emergency Mustering

This module is a specialist APP that runs on any mobile device and is activated as soon as the fire alarm is triggered. The mustering system will start recording activity immediately including who is on site, who musters and where, who is ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’ , stores images from photos, live CCTV feeds or even video feeds from UAV drones.

The system (when in muster mode) works independently of the main system, therefore NOT relying on any network connectivity or alternatively can be hosted ensuring that it is ALWAYS accurate and up to date.

At the end of the emergency or drill a comprehensive report is produced by the system for distribution to the fire marshals, management or even the emergency services. This stores ALL the activity that happened during the mustering period and demonstrates how well the evacuation process worked and how long it took.


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