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Voice Recognition: A Staple for Automation and AI

The rise of Alexa, Siri and Cortana has gripped people in their personal and working lives – and for good reason! When you think of the fanciest, most futuristic technology you almost always envision some form of voice control. Why? Because voice recognition software just emanates convenience and, let’s face it; it’s pretty cool!

Speech recognition tech is evolving and improving every day; it is now a foundational element of all kinds of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It’s totally revolutionising the way in which we carry out everyday tasks, from writing a shopping list to calling a friend. This not only makes it easier for us to multitask, but it’s quick, easy and mobile.

The end to its potential is nowhere in sight, particularly for businesses. Here are some of main voice recognition benefits commanding the professional sphere.

The Many Benefits of Voice Recognition Software

Voice Transcription Software

Arguably the most widely known use for speech recognition, automated voice transcription software is simple to use and universally beneficial for businesses.

We’re all speed typers nowadays – ‘the quick brown fox jumper over the lazy dog’, am I right? – but audio to text software is in a whole other league. Voice transcription technology means that busy professionals can type up documents much more quickly while they’re on the move or while they’re doing other things. Multitasking is definitely easier when you’re using more than just your hands. Why shouldn’t we use our voices?

What’s more, voice transcription software has the capacity to really help people who struggle with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. This opens up a world of opportunities for talented individuals to thrive in careers that were before unavailable to them.

Vocal CRM Entries

Because speech recognition software is incorporated into a lot of machine learning, AI and automation based systems, it can be integrated across your business’ devices and software. Sales personnel can hop off the phone after speaking to a new client and in one swift sentence enter their new client contract details into your CRM system. Jumping between tasks is seamless, regardless of whether you’re in the office or out and about.

Incredibly Flexible Mobile Working

Flexible working is growing in popularity and speech recognition AI technologies are making it easier. AI tech such as Cortana integrates devices – smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. – so that employees can work from anywhere and edit live documents on the company’s network or upload them directly to The Cloud. This means that these employees can write and send documents and emails while on the train or even walking down the street; they don’t need to lug about a laptop but can use their phones with very little hassle.

The possibilities are endless for a company which adopts an integrative system with voice control capabilities. Nonetheless, to truly see results, they must ensure they take all necessary network security precautions, only then can they securely reap the liberating and time-saving benefits.

Easy-Breezy Calls

Thanks to Siri’s ubiquity, calls are a very well know and popular use for speech recognition tech by people and professionals of all ages. We no longer need to laboriously scroll through our digital phonebook to locate the desired individual we wish to call, let alone manually enter the number written in a paper address book – how antiquated! No, we can simply say the name of the contact or read the number of a new contact aloud. This gives professionals the freedom to multitask like never before; one of many voice recognition benefits that are particularly useful for employees making calls on the go, hosting conference calls or making video presentations to clients.

Simpler Organization

When you use technologies like Alexa for business, everyday administrative tasks can be carried out through voice control. This saves you time and allows you to stay focused on what you’re already doing. You can manage your schedule, make calls, find information, review your tasks and more – all using your voice.

Clever Translations

It’s hard to keep on top of the latest technology in AI, because it’s always learning! And yet, speech recognition and translation software is a trend that’s been garnering a lot of interest for a while, especially since Microsoft showcased its impressive speech-to-speech software.

We love a bit of Google translate but imagine speaking to overseas clients directly and with seamless ease. Small businesses have opportunities to expand like never before because speech recognition and AI technology will soon be helping us overcome debilitating language barriers.

Voice Control SEO

Voice control will not only impact the way businesses perform daily tasks, but how they help their customers reach them, i.e. through voice search.

Voice search SEO is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to consider. Think about it: most smartphones have voice search capabilities; Siri is a common example of how voice recognition software and AI technology work together. You don’t even need to unlock your phone – uttering the words “Hey Siri” will activate your digital companion. Ask her a question and she will present you with relevant Google results.

This means that, in order to appear in Siri’s search results, businesses need to think about adapting their content so that it is much more conversational. See this blog on how to optimise for voice search for further help.

Another cool fact: Siri’s AI voice recognition software helps her identify your unique voice – she won’t work for a stranger. This could mean great things for business network security.

Voice Control Technology – Is it Worth it?

To put it simply – yes. Adopting technologies with voice control capabilities opens up a new, more dynamic way of working. It’s not laziness; it’s structural innovation.